‘A Total War Saga: Troy’ studio tries to solve historical accuracy issues


A Total War Saga: Troy is diverting from its 100% historical roots as the series takes on the Trojan War.

The first full game from Creative Assembly Sofia is looking to intersperse myth with reality. The problem that A Total War Saga: Troy has is an issue of sources. While the game tries its best to be historically accurate, the lack of proper sources plagues it.

Even then, the team is finding creative ways to address these problems, according to their blog. This game is the farthest era the Total War series delved into that is not related to fantasy IPs.

Creative Assembly Sofia is solving the problem of legit sources

The Siege of Troy is an epic well-known across many people, children, and adults alike. There is an equal number of people who believe, and also a fair number who thinks it’s a myth. Some archaeologists even found potential evidence of it in Hisarlik, Turkey.

The problem with the story of the Trojan War is the domination of Homer’s influence on it. The Iliad and, by extension the Odyssey, make it mythical. This problem is the one Creative Assembly Sofia is trying to solve.

“It all exists in the myths and legends of the ancient Greeks with one significant caveat – myths are far removed from reality,” said creative director Maya Georgieva.

To remedy this, the team used the myths as a basis for the game. At the same time, they are supplementing their creation with evidence. These sources include artifacts, geography, and other archaeological markers.

Real historical texts and accounts for the Bronze Age from historians received a good look.

Much of the centuries of study the team draws from goes back to Heinrich Schliemann. Schliemann is a foremost expert on the subject and the one who excavated Hisarlik.

The team’s approach is to look at how the myths became quintessential oral history.

Total War Saga: Troy to use common sense and evidence for armies

A Total War Saga: Troy is benefiting from the common sense its team is using. The game uses “mythical” creatures because many of the legends are exaggerated accounts.

For starters, a centaur is not a half-human half-horse, but rather a superb cavalry unit. Cyclops and even minotaurs are not lumbering beasts, but instead are soldiers wearing animal skin and masks.

Monsters thought to be giants are tall people who can attack gates with ease. This type of common sense will come to A Total War Saga: Troy soon. The game is still on development and has a preview trailer from last year.

Featured Image courtesy of Creative Assembly/Youtube Screenshot


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