‘Valorant’ glitch prevents players from receiving in-game rewards

A 'Valorant' glitch is preventing players from receiving in-game rewards

Valorant may have just launched, but players are already reporting issues with unlocking new agents and other items.

Riot Games has finally responded to an issue, Valorant players are experiencing with the newly launched battle royale game.

The issue

Glitches, especially in online multiplayer games, are never a fun thing. One of the primary motivations for gamers, in general, is to have a good time. Unfortunately, glitches often prevent that from happening.

Rewards not being handed out despite showing as "completed" in missions from VALORANT

A glitch is currently jeopardizing not only gaming experience in Valorant but is also hindering players from making progress as well. The said glitch is restricting players from unlocking new agents, weapons, cosmetic items, and other in-game rewards even when they have earned enough credits to unlock them.

Because of the glitch, players are unable to receive rewards despite completing missions. This has left players to continue using Valorant starting agents while the issue persists.

Addressing the rewards claim issue on Valorant

Riot Games reveals they are working on a solution to the problem. More than that, Riot may have already found a fix but is still testing it out.

“We’re currently deploying and testing a fix to get earning content back working correctly for those affected,” Valorant developer NoPlantsDance explains in a Reddit post. “Once this is confirmed, we’ll move onto retroactively granting content to anyone who encountered these problems.”


Valorant players had no choice but to stick with what’s available to do while waiting for a solution. Agents available to play are Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sage, and Sova. For the time being, they can learn to master these starting characters and continue playing the game.

Players were still able to collect experience and progress through the Battle Pass. Unfortunately, they had to wait for the developers to fix the issue before they could claim the rewards.

Thankfully, Riot had posted an update saying they’ve finally resolved the issue.

Released too early?

This glitch is just one of many issues that are plaguing the game since it was released.

When Riot Games announced the launch date of the popular battle royale game, many expressed concern about a premature release. Many believe that the game isn’t ready for release yet, but still, Riot has pushed for the launch.

Notable streamer, Shroud, remarked that the game still had many issues to resolve and that it was too early for Riot to release it. He also claimed that the developers knew that Valorant wasn’t ready. He believes Riot Games pushed them to release the game early.

With all the issues Valorant is facing, it seems that the concern expressed by these people was not unfounded.


Image courtesy of Valorant/Youtube(1)

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