A vote for ‘Revomon’ is a vote for awesome prizes 

Help Revomon start a new revolution by helping us get listed on Gate.io, one of the most innovative exchanges in the world that serves millions of clients. 

Of course, this little favor wouldn’t cost you a dime, in fact, it would give you a chance to win $10,000 worth of prizes! Yes, we heard you loud and clear, helping has never been this more rewarding! 

To participate in our Revomon (REVO) Bonanza, simply sign up at Gate.io

What Prizes Await You? 

  • 13,440 REVO Airdrop ($5,000) 

(September 1st 4:00 AM – September 2nd 2:00 AM) 

If REVO gets 10 million votes for this round, it can officially be listed on Gate.io for USDT trading. And if you are one of those who help us reach this milestone, you are eligible to have a share of the 13,440 REVO airdrop rewards. Vote here.

  • Have A Share Of 8,065 Revo Airdrop ($3,000) 

If you are included in the first 600 users to deposit at least 1,075 REVO, you can get a share of 8,065 REVO airdrop. Fill the form here 

  • Coming Soon: Forward And Follow To Win $1,500 

This upcoming 7-day Twitter Event involves forwarding and following tasks to help REVO’s voice be heard on the Twitterverse. Some 10 lucky participants will have a chance to win 400 REVO ($150). Click here to participate

  • Coming Soon: Join Telegram Discussion and Win $1,500 

This soon-to-be-rolled-out activity will be called REVO Telegram AMA REVO.

Participants will have a chance to win 4,030 REVO ($1,500) airdrop for this activity.

Details will soon be announced on Gate.io Twitter and Telegram accounts. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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