‘A3 Autumn and Winter’ Drops new preview showing ‘Winter’ actors

A3 Autumn and Winter

A3 Autumn and Winter drops a new trailer for its latest arc. Although the clip is relatively short, it teases the future of the last two actors in the group.

A3 Autumn and Winter is an original smartphone game developed by Liber Entertainment in 2017. P.A.WORKS and Studio 3Hz later adapted the app into an anime series, which turned into a big hit.

Teaser, trailer, and poster

The first A3 Spring and Summer series aired in May with 12 episodes, per Epic Dope. The A3 Autumn and Winter, on the other hand, started in October with six episodes and would continue dropping new installments later this month.

The series’ official website released a new promotional video, which gave the first look at the actors in the Winter Troupe. It also shared a snippet of its new theme song, “To Bloom…”

Earlier, an A3 poster was also released, showing the actors for Season Winter, which will be the last part of the series. Here, they all showed how determined they are to be real actors, as seen in their different expressions.

With the upcoming ending, fans are expecting something big is about to come.

The website also updated its new staff, different from the people who worked behind the camera in A3 Season Spring and Summer. Here, Makoto Nakazono replaced the first series director Masayuki Sakoi, while Keisuke Shinohara returned to write the scripts.

A3 Autumn and Winter

Anime storyline

The anime tells the story of the actors who are divided into four groups: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each of these groups has its own anime adaption, according to Anime Mojo.

For this season, fans are about to see an arc featuring Autumn and Winter. These boys are from a place called Velude Way, which is known for being a district full of the best performers and theatrical groups.

A former stage actress, Izumi Tachibana, announced that the once-famous theatre, Mankai Company, is now in debt and has zero customers. With no budget, she only needs one actor to perform.

Tachibana’s task is to rebuild the company to its former glory as its new owner and chief director.

Fans can watch A3 Season Autumn, currently airing on major TV channels, like Tokyo MX and KBS Kyoto.

A3 Autumn and Winter is set to be out on Monday, Nov. 23. As this will be the last time fans are about to see the four aspiring actors, fans have to wait and see if they can help their company survive and turn it debt-free.


Images used courtesy of ぽにきゃん-Anime PONY CANYON/YouTube Screenshots

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