‘Absentia’ season 3: Amazon reveals release date and trailer

'Absentia' season 3: Amazon reveals release date and trailer

Absentia is all set to return with its third season on Amazon. And to bring the hype up, a trailer has been released.

Absentia is an American thriller drama TV series that premiered in September 2017. It has already spawned two seasons and now it’s ready to release the third one.

The new episodes won’t be airing on AXN anymore though as it has found a new home. And so now Absentia season 3 is going to be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Release date and cast

The crime drama will be officially dropping season 3 on July 17. According to TVLine, all 10 episodes will be released select territories including the U.S., UK, Germany, Australia, Austria, India, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore and South Korea.

Returning to play as Special Agent Emily Byrne is Stana Katic, who is also an executive producer of the show.

Patrick Heusinger will also reprise his role as Special Agent Nick Durand, Emily’s colleague and ex-husband.

Other cast members include Neil Jackson as Jack Byrne, Natasha Little as Julianne Gunnarsen, Paul Freeman as Warren Byrne, Patrick McAuley as Flynn Durand and Christopher Colquhoun as Derek Crown.

The showrunner for season 3 is Will Pascoe (Orphan Black, Shut Eye) while the producer is Bizu Productions with Sony Pictures Television’s Gemstone Studios.

Season 3 plot

The third season picks up several months after the events the occurred in the season 2 finale. Emily is serving out the final days of her FBI suspension.

She does all of that while working hard to be the best possible mother to Flynn (Patrick McAuley). Things turn upside down though when an international criminal case exploded close to home.

Threat ensues and now Emily has to do what she can to hold her family together. She and Nick will intervene and they will later find out that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

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There’s a larger conspiracy brewing and Emily will try to take matters into her own hands. She will plot a risky plan and in the process, she will face Colin Dawkins (Geoff Bell).

Turns out that Colin is the one man who can help her. Emily will orchestrate a clever ruse with the help of her former FBI instructor, Rowena Kincade (Josette Simon).

She will then work with Agent Cal Isaac (Matthew Le Nevez) and together they will go on a dangerous trip. They will head somewhere far from Boston and it will force Emily to reflect over in her life.

She will learn to trust and love again and “to finally realize her true place in the world after everything she’s been through.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Absentia season 3.

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