Acer now uses Intel processors on its new gaming laptops

Acer is releasing three new high-end gaming laptops with one serious upgrade: they will all use Intel 10th generation processors.

Intel is releasing a lot of 10th generation processors. PC makers, like Acer, are responding to this by making huge upgrades on their current lineup of devices.

The company is planning to release three updated high-end gaming laptops. These are the Predator Helios 700, Helios 300, and the Triton 300. All three laptops will also receive a substantial upgrade on the graphics side with a new Nvidia GPU.

Acer high-end gaming laptops

On top of the list is the flagship Acer Helios 700. This piece of hardware is powerful enough to rival any desktop setup, and it even features a sliding keyboard. The keyboard can slide for easier typing the opens up a vent to improve the laptop’s cooling.

In terms of processor, there are two available configurations: either a Core i7-1087H or a Core i9-10980HK. Both processors are unlocked, which means that they can be overclocked.

On the graphics side, two options are available: either an RTX 2080 Super or an RTX 2070 Super. Both graphics cards are high-end pieces of hardware. They also require a lot of cooling.

Stepping down the list is the Helios 700. The laptop uses the 10th generation Intel H-Series processors. Not as fast as those on the Helios 800, but they are more than capable. The top model for this laptop has 32GB of RAM, space for up to two SSDs, and 2TB of hard drive space.

Lastly, there is the Triton 300. While not exactly as powerful as the first two, this laptop focuses on portability and mobility. For Acer to be able to achieve that, it has to cut some corners on the cooling system.

The Triton 300 does not have the high-end cooling mechanisms of the two Helios laptops. With that, the laptop is not too bulky and is extremely light compared to the other two. This makes it easier to carry around due to its portability.

Prices and release date

The top model of the Helios 700 costs $2,400, while the Helios 300 costs $1,200. The Triton 300, despite being underpowered, costs $1,300. All three laptops will hit the market in October.

Acer is ramping up its series of high-end laptops. With people currently on lockdown, demands for laptops and other computing devices are surging. There is also a high demand for premium laptops since people have more time to stay at home gaming.

Image courtesy of Agung Raharja/Unsplash

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