ACNH Connect app will make ‘Animal Crossing’ simpler but more fun

acnh connect

ACNH Connect app is designed to make Animal Crossing fun and simpler. It will also help players organize everything they need in one place.

Animal Crossing players are still looking for the best and most ideal items that will fit their island themes. This can be a challenging task but thanks to ACNH Connect, players can now connect with other users around the world.

More than a game

Animal Crossing has become an instant hit sensation since its release a few months ago. The video game broke sales records and has reached all-time highs because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The game has had an outstanding social impact on its players from all walks of life. In these trying times, it’s great to have something to hold on to and have fun with.

Players across the globe have been playing the game for hundreds of hours just to achieve their version of a perfect island. However, playing the game alone can be difficult especially if they are looking for a piece of specific furniture or item.

Helpful new app

ACNH Connect is a fan-made app that aims to make all the lives of Animal Crossing players a little easier. The app allows players to post photos of their homes and islands, share custom codes and designs, and even share free random items and DIYs.

In addition, players can share their turnip prices and current island visitors so that other players may benefit from them. This is the first Animal Crossing app that integrates all these important aspects of the game.

This means fans can now only use just one app instead of several. However, ACNH Connect is still only available for IOS users.

What does the app do?

Unlike Animal Crossing hackers who are penalized for illegal transactions, this application connects with other players who sell and trade fairly. Players will just need their island’s data so others can browse their designs, view their turnip prices, and list the items that they need.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has the most customization options compared to any other titles in the series. It’s a nice feeling to have somewhere to go to when searching for that perfect custom design or that ideal item to fill that empty spot on the island.

Animal Crossing players can only hope that the developers will continue adding cool features to keep the game fresh and interesting. ACNH Connect will always be there to keep everything organized.

Featured image courtesy of Kickstarter/YouTube Screenshot

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