Action-packed episode of ‘Running Man’ is on the way

Another action-packed episode of SBS Running Man is on wraps, according to the new preview released by the show!

Running Man, an SBS variety show, aired a preview of its upcoming episode with guests Lee Je Hoon and Im Won Hee.

The actors starred together in the upcoming heist film, Collectors, as expert grave robbers.

Keeping the theme of their movie, the next episode of Running Man will feature the guests and cast in an exciting treasure hunt.

Grave treasures

The preview starts with the cast arriving at the site of a so-called “grave filled with priceless treasure.” The members jokingly boast their talents as thieves.

Moreover, Jun So Min shows a golden necklace and proudly declares that he stole it. Kim Jong Kook exclaimed that they should get to work.

Im Won Hee and Lee Je Hoon made a flashy entrance as they joined the cast at the grave. Lee Je Hoon remained entirely in character as he dismissively complained that all the small-timers must have caught a whiff of cash.

The members and guests get to dig and fight over different artifacts as they attempt to identify genuine treasure. The production hides several real treasures and countless fake treasures as well.

Who is the undercover cop?

The caption teases that the looters have to find as much treasure as they can. The looters are given a limited time to do the task.

But there is a twist, and the thieves are surprised that there are also undercover cops who infiltrated the teams.

The thieves should avoid the police’s investigations so they can claim their loot. The members began suspecting one another of being the undercover cops.

In the true Running Man style, Yang Se Chan and Jun So Min made an announcement separately. They will betray their teammates so they can win.

SBS will air the next episode of Running Man on October 25.

Image courtesy of EonTalk/YouTube Screenshot

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