Activision confirms ‘Call of Duty 2020’, ‘Warzone’ integration discussed

Activision confirms 'Call of Duty 2020', 'Warzone' integration discussed

After months of speculations, Activision finally confirms the existence of Call of Duty 2020 in a recent earnings call.

Activision president Rob Kostich spoke about the Call of Duty 2020 during the Activision Blizzard earnings call, citing the assistance of Warzone devs—Raven Software—to Treyarch for the upcoming title.

Devs working on CoD 2020 confirmed

Up until recently, the idea of Treyarch spearheading this year’s CoD was a mere rumor.

Gamespot quotes Kostich saying:

“Now, as you heard on the call before, Treyarch and Raven are coming up with the next premium game, and [we’re] obviously very excited about what they’re working on, and we do think fans are gonna absolutely love it.”

Following Kostich’s announcement, both Treyarch and Raven took it to their social media accounts to officially break the news to the CoD community. Forbes noted that Kotaku hinted this team-up last year when Treyarch was allegedly stepping in to help Raven with some issues.

Was Warzone integration confirmed?

Kostich confirms that the Call of Duty 2020 will follow the steps of Modern Warfare, in terms of integrating Warzone into the next CoD gameplay. There have been online discussions regarding the said integration, considering Warzone has made a massive impact both to the community and to Activision as well.

President and Chief Operating Officer Daniel Alegre expressed that Activision Blizzard has “significantly exceeded its second-quarter outlook.” Alegre emphasizes the key franchises that gave them “better-than-expected results,” which was led by the “Call of Duty franchise following the launch of Warzone.”

Activision acquired revenue of $993 million; most are credited to the in-game sales in Modern Warfare and Warzone. The gaming giant also noted a whopping 75 million players on the game franchise.

Kostich indirectly confirms the involvement of Warzone by saying:

“Now, on your question of how we’re going to integrate the title with Warzone, I think that’s a good one, it’s an important one, and what you should expect is that [there will be] very tight integration between the two. Modern Warfare and Warzone are obviously very tightly connected, and I think that’s really important to the player base.

We plan to do the same with all our upcoming titles as well, our premium titles, to ensure that we can reward all of our players and give them fresh new experiences, regardless of whether they choose to just play in Warzone or also play in the premium game as well, so the connection will absolutely be there.”

When will Call of Duty 2020 actually launch?

Aside from confirming the title and the devs working on the game, other details about the release are scarce. But, Kostich did say that players will hear from the devs “fairly soon.”

IGN reports that the game is currently in development, with Activision internally conducting game testing. Forbes highlights that Activision announces official releases in October, so the wait is roughly more than two months.

The title for Call of Duty 2020 is yet to be confirmed as well. As of now, Black Ops Cold War is the highly speculated title, most especially after the alleged Doritos bag promotion.


Featured image courtesy of Activision/Twitter

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