Activision will soon make mobile versions of all its franchises

Activision will soon make mobile versions of all its franchises

Activision has big plans for the mobile gaming industry and now it’s confirmed that the company is planning to bring all of its franchises to mobile.

Activision is all-set to dominate the mobile industry in the future. 2020 marks the beginning of a new era for console gaming. It’s the year when both Sony and Microsoft will release the next-generation consoles, the PS5 and the Xbox Series S.

But consoles are more of a luxury to most people, and not everyone has them. What most people do have is a smartphone and Activision knows this for a fact.

A bountiful mobile harvest for Activision

It’s certainly is a great year for Activision Blizzard. With the pandemic forcing people inside their homes, the gaming industry has never been more prosperous and it shows. Just recently, Activision Blizzard had released their financial results for the July to September period.

The company reveals that it had made over $1.95B in revenue. A big chunk of that comes from mobile. According to the report, around 34% of Activision-Blizzard’s total earnings for the period is from mobile.

That is more or less $661 million. It’s definitely bigger than the $514 million that the company had made from PC games and comes close to the $695 million made from the console.

The biggest driver for Activision Blizzard’s monetary gain is undeniably the microtransactions that occur within games. The company confirms that around $1.2 billion of its earning come from microtransactions.

The massively successful and immensely popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the Warzone battle royale contributed greatly in this. But mobile, too, is giving a good harvest to the company.

Call of Duty: Mobile is easily one of the biggest mobile games in recent times. In fact, the game just reached over 300 million downloads a year after its release. And this growth is probably one of the reasons why Activision plans on giving more focus to mobile games in the future.

Bringing everything to mobile

During a recent investor call, Activision COO Daniel Alegre stressed how important mobile is to the company. According to him, it is to their utmost that they’re planning to deliver all of their franchises to the widest audience as possible. This definitely includes, mobile.

We need to make sure that we’re enabling our franchises on the billions of mobile devices that are available right now,” says Alegre. “That’s by far our biggest opportunity, and we’re investing meaningfully to capitalize on this and to take all our franchises to mobile over time. That’s really, really important for us.”

This wide delivery of each and every one of their franchises require resources and time. Bearing this in mind, Activision plans to slowly deliver on these promises in time. But as of right now, Alegre says that mobile holds the biggest opportunities for them. So Activision will definitely put that as a priority.

Featured image courtesy of Activision Blizzard

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