‘Ad Infinitum’ and ‘Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos’ are two horror titles revealed by Nacom

Nacom has revealed the titles of the two horror video games which are at work.

Nacom has updated with their host of titles of the upcoming games, which will be released soon. These two titles have been in the works for a long time, and the developers have shared a new update regarding the release of the games.

On July 6th, the Nacom Connect event saw the publisher unveil both the games alongside a host of updates and such titles, which will be released soon.

What about the new releases on the way?

The first two announcements are made in Ad Infinitum, a first-person-based horror game connected to many storylines and others.

The first trailer, released for the game, has shown promising results and a nightmare sequence set during World War 1. Developer Big Bad Wolf has shared their plans regarding the game’s new character and has said that it will be set in the medieval time period.

Daedalic Entertainment has said they are working with a new developer for the Lord Of The Rings interview: Gollum. The new game will introduce many new characters and environments as well as players can expect something to encounter right with the help of the finished product.

The new creatives for Ad Infinitum will be based on the new idea that the team has laid out.

When will the two titles be released?

Similarly, Spider’s founder and creative director have followed this, and they are presenting for a first look that will be completely based on combat on the upcoming action-based horror game.

Players can take a whole idea on the game, and they can have a proper understanding of how the gameplay would stand accordingly. According to the developers, any other information regarding the game’s release and platforms for release have not been shared by the team, so the players have to wait for a few days for the upcoming updates on the new ideas.

Session is another game that will receive a proper announcement during the showcase, fronted by the professional Skateboarder Daewon Song.

Nacom has even shared their trailer for the Blood Bowl 3 as the game has had early accessibility today on Steam and Xbox.


Image courtesy of DT Gaming/YouTube

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