Adam DeVine reveals tragic accident that changed his life


Adam DeVine, a popular actor from Modern Family, opened up the tragic event he experience that led him to pursue a career in comedy.

As a child, Adam DeVine wanted to be a baseball player alongside living a normal life until he was hit by a cement truck when he was 11 years old. The incident happened when Adam was crossing the street with a friend while riding the bicycle, and before he could realize anything, he was hit by a cement truck.

According to The Things, Adam tells the story of the painful accident in disturbingly graphic detail. He said that the truck picked him up under its wheels and then spat him out, leading him to slide for about 500 feet.

Adam was lucky to have survived that accident. As he recalled, the doctors said that it was fortunate that his bike took the initial hit.

Life after the accident

After the accident, Adam went into a coma and had to go through 25 surgeries from sixth grade to the freshman year of his high school. He almost lost his legs and was close to having it amputated.

The actor used a wheelchair for some time and only learned how to walk again after two years.

Fighting back

Adam had a rough time in school after the agitating incident, since bullies always targeted him. However, his father’s advice helped him learn how to fight back.

His father told him that since he could not risk getting into a physical fight, he should write down his rebuttals. So Adam would come back home every day and fill his notebooks with rebuttals to everything that was said about him.

Adam said that writing on the notebooks was the first connection he had with comedy, and it made him feel more confident than ever before.

The actor’s experienced destroyed any possibility of him becoming a professional baseball player, so he went with the flow of life and honed his skills as a comedian in high school. He was even invited to various local radio stations and made impressions of the late Christopher Farley.

Eventually, he got out of the wheelchair and taught himself how to walk correctly. He then moved out from Nebraska to California to pursue a career in comedy. He got his first taste of real success through his YouTube sketches.

Adam believes that he is fortunate to have had a beautiful childhood and loving family, unlike some other comedians who had to suffer traumatic experiences before owning a career.

With all that happened, he sees the cement truck as a blessing in disguise.

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