Adam Levine, Behati Prinsloo’s marriage struggling due to singer’s dark moods?

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are, allegedly, struggling to keep their marriage afloat.

Last year, Star claimed that Adam Levine had become a total nightmare to be around. And the singer’s dark moods, allegedly, caused issues in his marriage.

Following the death of Levine’s manager, Jordan Feldstein, the Maroon 5 frontman, allegedly struggled to cope. And this became one of the reasons behind his alleged marital woes.

“Behati tried her best to help him through his grief, but the whole thing was an awful shock to his system,” a source said.

A source also told the tabloid that the criticisms that Levine received following his performance at the Super Bowl didn’t also sit well with him. Since he’s, allegedly, a proud man, he took the criticisms to heart.

Adam Levine rumors debunked

However, Gossip Cop immediately debunked the claims made by the tabloid. They said that Levine and Prinsloo aren’t having because of the singer’s dark moods and career issues.

The rumor-debunking site also busted Star’s sister magazine, In Touch Weekly for publishing dubious claims about the couple. They claimed that Levine and Prinsloo were divorcing.

Adam Levine, Blake Shelton’s alleged falling out

Life & Style also previously claimed that Adam Levine quit The Voice because he had a falling out with Blake Shelton.

A source told the tabloid that Levine and Shelton were just faking their closeness on camera, and things just cooled off between them naturally.

Behati Prinsloo gushes over her husband

Behati Prinsloo gushes over her husband

Last year, Prinsloo herself proved that her marriage to Levine is doing fine. While speaking with Porter Edit, shared details about her relationship with the singer.

“I met my husband through a mutual friend. Adam was looking for a girl for a music video that could do some action stuff, and our friend was like, ‘You should meet Behati because she’s a total tomboy and down for anything.’ So, he emailed me asking if I could do it. I ended up not doing it, but we kept emailing each other. It was such a natural correspondence that we kind of fell in love over email,” Prinsloo said.

One month later, Prinsloo went to Los Angeles for a job, and she met Levine. They went out for dinner and talked for hours.

Before sealing the deal, Levine and Prinsloo broke up for two months before they realized that it was the worst decision they’ve ever made.

Shortly after, Adam Levine proposed to the Victoria’s Secret model, and they tied the knot on July 19, 2014.

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