Adam Sandler immediately tops Netflix’ charts with ‘Hubie Halloween’

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler surprised his fans with the new movie Hubie Halloween. In return, his fans surprised him back by making his comeback film number one.

A few weeks before Halloween, Adam Sandler already presented a spooky but funny day to everyone through Hubie Halloween.

On Oct. 7, Sandler unleashed his acting skills again through his newest comedy-horror film on Netflix.

Hubie Halloween became his sixth original Netflix project since he began appearing on the streaming platform in 2015.

“Hubie Halloween” immediately garnered success

One day after Netflix finally released the flick, Sandler’s film immediately became the site’s most-watched movie of the day.

According to Forbes Magazine, they expect that this flick will continue to dominate the charts at least until the weekend.

Before its debut, only three Netflix Originals made it to the top ten movies and TV shows on the site. But soon after it arrived on Wednesday, the score finally became 4/10 because of the film’s success.

Aside from that record, Hubie Halloween also successfully became the only Netflix original movie on the top 10.

The success would not be possible without the help of other members of the cast.

Kevin James, Julie Bowen, Maya Rudolph, and Ray Liotta accompanied Sandler in making the film attention-worthy.

Meanwhile, it also received mixed reactions from viewers and critics.

In Rotten Tomatoes, the film currently has a 51 percent approval rating from 41 viewers. Meanwhile, its average rating falls to 5.18/10.

On Metacritic, Hubie Halloween received a 53 percent approval, showing that it currently attracts average reviews.

Nonetheless, his fans continuously shower him with love and support that they keep on leaving messages for him online.

Fans support Adam Sandler

On Instagram, he announced the coming of the comedy-horror film on the streaming giant. The post has half a million likes and tens of thousands of comments from fans as of the writing.

“You just made October 100000 times better,” one fan wrote while another netizen seconded, “THIS IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF OCTOBER.”

His fans also left messages on his other posts, including in the comment section of the trailer he posted on the site.

“I loved the movie. Thank you so much for the words to Cameron Boyce at the end,” one fan applauded.

Another one said, “Hubie Christmas coming?! We all love this cast together, DO IT!!!”

Most of his fans noted how the reunion of the Grown Ups team also made the movie even better.

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