Adam Sandler is back! Comedian returns with new Netflix film

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler just made one of his biggest comebacks this year through his newest comedy film on Netflix.

Though Adam Sandler is famous for his work as a comedian, he invited more attention to his work in drama.

This year, he brought back the old Sandler through Netflix’s Hubie Halloween.

On Wednesday, he spoke with Yahoo! Entertainment and revealed details about his most-awaited comeback.

Per the Saturday Night Live alum, he did not hive enough focus on his new movie as much as people think he should.

Sandler added that shifting his genre again caused no problem at all, especially when he has been a fan of making them.

“When I make these other movies, man, I dive in deep and I love it,” he explained. “And I’ve got young kids, and I like when they watch movies at home and laugh, so I like trying to make stuff like that, too.”

Since this marked his 2020 return, he admitted that he put so much effort into making the film. Sandler also made sure that his lines have jokes that make sense.

“Hubie Halloween” easier to film

Meanwhile, despite already having a long list of milestones, the actor confessed that his new movie was easier to film.

Sandler then took time to compare it to Uncut Gems, where he landed the role of Howard Ratner.

“When you’re hanging out in the trailer before a take on ‘Hubie Halloween,’ you’re not quite as nervous and in as deep thought as much as Howard Ratner,” he said, pointing out the serious environment on Uncut Gems.

Aside from the 54-year-old star, the Netflix’ flick included Maya Rudolph, Ben Stiller, and Julie Bowen — among others — to its cast.

“Hubbie Halloween” has deeper history

Although this horror film has comedic scenes, it will surely make the viewers cry once they learn the story behind it.

According to Sandler, the team also dedicated the film to Cameron Boyce, who was supposed to play a role in the Netflix film. The late Disney star died at the young age of 20 after suffering from epilepsy complications.

“He was supposed to come to do the movie maybe two days after [he died],” he recollected. “He was getting on a plane to come shoot our movie.”

What is more heartbreaking is the fact that Sandler’s kids, Sadie and Sunny, were big fans of him.

After he passed away, Karan Brar joined the team and did his role instead.

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