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Adam Silver dodges issues on NBA business with China


Adam Silver is quick to pass the ball to the U.S. Government if the NBA should continue its relationship with China.

The NBA is a giant global business. Its presence in several countries around the world brings in major money that keeps the salaries of the players paid. Its biggest market outside of the United States is China.

Unfortunately, recent events have wrinkled the relationship between the league and the Chinese government. Ultimately, the parties suffering from the turmoil are the Chinese fans.

It remains to be seen how these events will play out. However, there is no denying that American companies are suffering from the skirmish too.

Adam Silver believes that NBA business in China is beneficial

Basketball is one of the most celebrated sports in China. Its fans are one of the loudest and most animated in the world. As a result, the business of the NBA in the country has exponentially grown in the past couple of years.

The NBA Global Games have even reached the borders of China in 2018 and 2019. Both events were jampacked with locals that want to see a live NBA game up close. Adam Silver believes that the NBA is more than just a business when it comes to culture sharing. He said,

“It [NBA presence] was viewed as a really positive thing that we were exporting American values to China through the NBA.”

As of the moment, there is an elephant in the room between the clash of the United States and China. U.S.-based businesses have the moral dilemma of maintaining its transaction with China. By keeping their relationships alive, there are sort of condoning the violations committed by the country.

Up to the U.S. government to decide

Adam Silver wants to play it safe when it comes to matter. As such, he still champions to maintain the NBA’s business with China but will leave the decision to the U.S. government. As such, he said,

“I think those decisions are for our government, in terms of where American businesses should operate. I continue to believe that the people-to-people exchanges we’re seeing by playing in China are positive and it’s helping.”

Adam Silver adds that maintaining the relationship between the two superpowers will be more meaningful. Disengaging from each other will not be good for the world. Right now, there are two possible scenarios that could happen.

First, the NBA could completely cut its ties with China at the expense of losing big money for its business. Second, to hope that the current movements push forward by the players trickles down to the minds of the fans watching from China.

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