Adam Silver doesn’t rule out a second NBA shutdown

Adam Silver doesn't rule out a second NBA shutdown

NBA commissioner Adam Silver believes that a significant number of infections inside the bubble may cause a second NBA shutdown.

All 22 teams are already inside the bubble except for some players that have opted to fly in on their own. The entire NBA community is on the edge of their seats, hoping that no positive case pops up. Teams will be allowed to practice as a group this weekend, and they’ll have two weeks to get back into shape.

Adam Silver worries on a possible second shutdown

NBA commissioner Adam Silver doesn’t rule out a possible shutdown despite strict protocols in place. Silver acknowledges the possibility that one or two players may still test positive upon entering the bubble. However, he believes that a legitimate concern would be when players test positive even after the quarantine periods.

The NBA’s strict bubble protocol is thorough. Unfortunately, it takes just one person to bring down the entire season altogether. If more players test positive after the settling down period, Silver said,

“We would know that there’s, in essence, a hole in our bubble or that our quarantine or our campus is not working in some way. So that would be very concerning.”

Any significant community transmission would result in a shutdown. Doing such means that this season will be a lost cause. Silver remains positive that what they have designed is excellent. He said,

“So on paper, and dealing with our experts, this should work. But we shall see. I’m confident based on the positive cases we are seeing from our players and the general public around the country that it will be safer on this campus than off this campus in part because we are going to be doing daily testing.”

No asterisk for this year’s champion

There is an ongoing rumbling within the NBA today about this year’s champions getting an asterisk after their names. They attribute such to an unprecedented shortened and modified season. However, the majority of players on the floor believe otherwise. Reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo believes that achieving this year’s championship will be tough.

All NBA players inside the bubble are going through the same challenges. First, they will be away from their families for three to four months. Second, they are not free to roam around the way they would use to in a regular season. Lastly, they enter an equal playing field without any sort of home-court advantage.

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