Adele, Bradley Cooper allegedly dating after Lady Gaga introduced them

Adele, Bradley Cooper allegedly dating after Lady Gaga introduced them

Adele and Bradley Cooper allegedly found love in each other after Lady Gaga introduced them to each other, according to a report.

Adele and Bradley Cooper are rumored to be dating. The tabloid who made the same report also claimed that it was Lady Gaga who introduced them to each other. Gossip Cop examined the report, and here’s what it found out.

Adele and Bradley Cooper dating rumors

Adele was ready to date again after her dramatic weight loss, and she set her sights on Bradley Cooper after Lady Gaga introduced them to each other, New Idea reported. The outlet also claimed that Cooper is the man he has been looking for because both came from long-term relationships. Thus, they are a perfect match.

The tabloid claimed that an alleged insider confirmed Adele and Bradley Cooper’s dating status. However, it didn’t share enough details to convince the readers that the pair actually know each other.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop examined the report and was skeptical. It did not present any solid evidence other than mentioning that Lady Gaga is Bradley Cooper and Adele’s mutual friends. There is also no evidence that the Hello singer and the Burnt star actually know each other.

The rumor-debunking site added that there had been no reports to substantiate its claim. In fact, Cooper seems to be just another name dropped on the list of celebrities who have been paired with Adele by the same tabloid.

New Idea previously claimed that Adele was making a move on Brad Pitt. The outlet claimed that something romantic was going on between Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband and the Grammy winner. However, a source close to the two celebrities denied it and called the story “completely bogus.”

Adele and Skepta rumors

Aside from Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt, Adele was previously linked to Skepta. The two musicians were linked to each other after they were spotted visiting OTHERWORLD, an innovative social entertainment concept using unique, multi-sensory virtual reality technology in London.

An insider shared that they were asked to move from their lounge because a VIP was arriving. They were surprised to find Adele with Skepta and Jammer.

“They were screaming and laughing when they were doing the VR together, I could hear her from the other end of the venue,” an onlooker said. 

“It looked like they had a lot of fun together.”

The two celebrities also made flirty comments on Instagram. However, Adele and Skepta never confirmed any romance.

In October, Adele made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live, where she made an update about her relationship status. The Grammy-winner said she is single.


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