Adele criticized after shocking weight loss; ‘Disheartened’ personal trainer slammed critics

Adele has shocked the internet over her 98-pound weight loss. However, not all of her fans are happy.

Earlier this month, Adele thanked all of the workers at the frontlines amid the pandemic crisis. She also shared the post on Instagram to mark her 32nd birthday.

The post itself was already huge since she rarely updates her account, Aside from giving thanks and praise to the “first responders” and “essential workers,” she also thanked everyone for the “birthday love” and hoped that everyone is “staying safe.”

The post itself was already huge since she rarely updates her account. But, what was shocking for everyone was her apparent weight loss. As reported, she lost a total of 98 pounds.

Some “plus-size” fans felt “betrayed”

Many people congratulated and celebrated Adele for her weight loss. However, not everyone thought of it as a good thing, according to Insider.

Several of her “plus-size” fans reportedly felt “betrayed” after seeing her lose weight. Some also pointed out that it is “weird” to compliment someone who lost a huge amount of weight.

Others also went on to assert that making a “big deal” out of someone’s “extreme weight loss” is likely inappropriate. As explained, this reportedly makes “fat” and “bigger” individuals feel the need to be skinny and small to become better.

Although Adele has kept quiet about the huge debacle, her post reportedly sparked debates among people who are for and against extreme weight loss. 

Adele’s personal trainer spoke out against critics

A few days later, Adele’s personal trainer, Pete Geracimo, shared his insight on the matter. He took his thoughts and sentiments on Instagram that came with a photo of him and Adele.


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A post shared by Pete Geracimo (@petegeracimo) on May 7, 2020 at 10:14am PDT

He said that as the artist’s “former London-based” personal trainer, it is “disheartening” to see all of the “negative” and “fat-phobic” comments on the ‘Rolling In The Deep’ singer’s post. Social media has become a “vehicle to spread armchair negativity” without considering the impacts of it, the New York Post reported.

The fitness expert continued to assert that this has become “all too common” in recent times. So, this reportedly “compelled” him to remind that criticisms should have no place in someone’s path when “achieving their goals.” In his case, for all of his clients, including Adele, this reportedly centers on “improving fitness and health.”

It is about getting healthy for Adele

Pete Geracimo also revealed that when he and Adele started their “journey together,” it was never about “getting super skinny.” He then pointed out that the whole point of her weight loss is about “getting healthy,” especially this was the time after her pregnancy and surgery.

It is also not for “album sales” or “publicity.” This also has nothing to do with being a “role model.” Rather, she chose to do it for herself and for her son, Angelo, the fitness trainer said.

In the end, Pete Geracimo noted that the “personal transformation” of Adele “has nothing to do” with him or everyone else. It is only about her and the way she wants to live her life, he concluded.

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