Adele diet: Secrets to losing 3 kilos per week revealed

Adele diet: Secrets to losing 3 kilos per week revealed

Adele credits her shocking weight loss to the Sirtfood diet plan and Reformer Pilates.

Earlier last month, Adele shocked the world with her weight loss. Although fans have already noticed that she has lost weight through the years, her latest transformation is far more shocking than her past achievements.

On her birthday, the ‘Someone Like You’ singer posted a photo on her Instagram account. It was a total bombshell considering that she rarely posts photos of her on social media.

With her 22-kilo weight loss, many have wondered how Adele did it. While several reports have already posted a few details about her diet regimen, new revelations have since emerged.

How Adele lost 22 kilos

Adele reportedly lost weight through a huge change in her diet. As stated, she “swears” to the Sirtfood diet plan since it helped her with her weight-loss journey.

But aside from the changes that she made on her eating habits, she also reportedly followed a strict workout plan. This is despite her huge “dislike” for working out and exercising, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

In the end, though, sources said that she still continues to follow the same plans and routines. The reason being is that she reportedly wants to live a much healthier lifestyle for her son.

Losing three kilos in a week

Sirtfood diet has become very popular among celebrities in recent times. It has obtained a huge following for its loose stipulations on chocolates and red wines, as per the Daily Express.


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The diet reportedly has two phases. The first phase lasts for seven days. In the first three days, restricting the daily calorie intake to 1000 calories is a must. This includes drinking three Sirtfood green juices, eating one Sirtfood-rich meal, and snacking on Sirtfood bites.

In the remaining four days, the calorie restriction ups to 1500 calories per day. The plan reportedly includes two Sirtfood-rich meals and two Sirtfood green juices. Experts also shared that this will “kickstart” the metabolism resulting in a three-kilo weight loss for the first week.

The second phase, on the other hand, reportedly lasts for two weeks. During which time, Sirtfood followers should stick to the day-to-day plan details.

She swears to this workout, too

Speaking to Us Weekly, sources reportedly revealed that Adele has slimmed down because of her workout regimen, too. She reportedly works out thrice a week, including a 60-minute cardio and circuit training.

Reports also said that she found Reformer Pilates a very effective tool for her workout routines. Sources then attested that Adele has since utilized this to maintain her health and figure.


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