Adele flirting with Skepta after sneaking out with Prince Harry: rumor

Adele is, allegedly, flirting with Skepta again after she snuck out with Prince Harry.

Last year, Adele and Skepta made headlines amid claims that they have been going out on group dates with friends. But for a time, the artists, reportedly, stopped communicating.

Adele and Skepta are allegedly talking again

According to Heat, the lockdown has made it possible for Adele and Skepta to start talking again. And the two have, allegedly, been flirting nonstop.

“They talk most days and want to meet up as soon as it’s possible. There’s nobody Adele would rather hang out with than Skepta. They’re both wildly attracted to each other. More than anything, he makes her laugh and she feels like she can tell him anything. They want to see where this relationship takes them. And everyone around them is convinced they have what it takes to be a serious couple,” the unnamed source said, as per Heat.

Did Adele and Skepta hook up last year?

The insider also claimed that the singer has been trying to play it cool since she and Skepta hooked up half a year ago.

“They both agreed to take some time out and stay friends while they figured things out, but Adele never closed the door on them dating properly. Now, every time they FaceTime or Zoom, it’s obvious they’re mad about each other. Adele’s quietly confident this could turn into something special, and her friends are all convinced they’ll end up together,” the source said.

Prince Harry allegedly snuck out with the singer

Prince Harry allegedly snuck out with the singer

However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm whether Adele or Skepta are still in touch. New Idea claimed that Adele has been hanging out with Prince Harry behind Meghan Markle’s back.

“She’s a real laugh to be around and loves a drink, just like Harry used to be before Meghan. Adele has been a breath of fresh air in his life and his port in the storm of life in LA, which he’s not exactly loving,” the unnamed source said.

The insider also claimed that Markle didn’t realize that Prince Harry has been sneaking behind his back because she’s busy with other things.

“She’s become so obsessed with trying to force their lives here to go as she planned, despite all the craziness in the world derailing her, that she didn’t even see it coming that Harry would seek comfort in another woman,” the source said.

However, it is unlikely for Prince Harry and Adele to be hanging out without Markle or without the latter’s permission.

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