Adele now ‘besties’ with former crush, Prince Harry in Los Angeles

Adele now 'besties' with former crush, Prince Harry in Los Angeles

Adele is now reportedly friends with Prince Harry, whom she had a huge crush on.

Adele has become the center of many headlines these past few weeks because of her shocking transformation. On the day of her birthday, she posted a photo of herself, thanking the frontline workers for their effort and hard work amid the pandemic crisis.

While many people greeted her to mark her special day, her weight loss transformation has become the “talk of the town.” But, aside from the major change that she recently shared with the public, reports also noted that she has gained new friends in Los Angeles amid the lockdown.

Adele is now neighbors with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Adele is reportedly residing in Los Angeles with her son. Reports said that her home is just a few minutes away from the new mansion of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down as senior royals, they left the United Kingdom to relocate to the United States. Although it has remained unknown where exactly they have since relocated, several sources said that they are now neighbors with the British-born singer, Adele.

According to the Daily Mirror, the singer often “stops” at the former royals’ new home. She stops to say “hello” and “swap notes” with the couple, the source said.

Adele is now neighbors with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

She helps her new “pals” to settle

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just recently moved into their new mansion. With the pandemic crisis, the Sussex couple reportedly put their endeavors and plans to a halt. This reportedly left them in isolation, and with “no friends,” especially on the royal-born Prince’s part.

But, fortunately, Adele has “helped” them to settle in, the source revealed. As stated, the trio now “get on so well.”

The singer also reportedly gives pieces of tips and advice to the Sussex couple that will help them settle in their new neighborhood. Given that the ‘Rolling In The Deep’ artist loves the location, she has since recommended several things to Meghan Markle, the source shared.

Her big crush for Prince Harry

Adele previously talked about her biggest celebrity crush in an interview with Glamour. She reportedly mentioned Prince Harry when the interviewer asked her about it.

As explained, the singer admitted that she is “after Prince Harry” at that time. She said, however, that she would not “go out with a ginger.” But, the royal-born Prince is no exception. “I would be a real duchess, then,” Adele added.


Images courtesy of (1)The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Falon/YouTube & (2)The Royal Family Channel/YouTube

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