Adele shows much-slimmer physique: Know the secret behind her body transformation

Adele shows much-slimmer physique: Know the secret behind her body transformation

Adele made everyone’s jaw dropped when she debuted a much slimmer figure on Instagram for her birthday. The 32-year-old star looked unrecognizable in her smaller figure, and, of course, fans wanted to know how she did it.

Adele, reportedly, lost three stones in the course of her diet. So, when she dropped her new photo, social media quickly went into a frenzy.

A much-slimmer figure

The singer-songwriter once again surprised everyone with her sexier physique. On Tuesday, May 5, the hitmaker shared a photo of herself on Instagram to mark her 32nd birthday.

Here, she flaunted her tiny frame, wearing a tight black mini dress that emphasized her long legs. On the post, she thanked her fans for the social media love she received. She also wished that her followers are fine during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Thank you for the birthday love. I hope you’re all staying safe and sane during this crazy time,” she captioned her snap. “I’d like to thank all of our first responders and essential workers who are keeping us safe while risking their lives!”

“You are truly our angel 2020, okay bye, thanks,” Adele ended her note. It can’t be denied that the songstress looks incredible in her new figure.

She displayed her impressive weight loss outside her home, standing in a round floral flower arrangement made for her birthday. So, how did she manage to lose that much weight?

The secret behind her unbelievable body transformation

According to Hello! Magazine, Adele’s personal trainer previously revealed the secret behind her unbelievable body transformation. “She’s working out, but I think 90 percent of it is diet,” Camila Goodis said on Lorraine.

She explained that “it’s a good diet to shed the weight.” Her first week was intense, taking only green juices and 1,000 calories. She also commended the “Hello” singer for looking fabulous and not being too thin.

“When she came for a workout, I didn’t know it was her,” Goodis recalled. “She left, I thought: ‘Oh, it looks a little bit like Adele.’”

Adele changed her lifestyle and diet. She has given up processed food, fizzy drinks, and sugar. Mirror Online also added that she’s embracing the Sirtfood Diet. Here, she only takes plant-based foods.

She can take strawberries, blueberries, apples, citrus fruits, walnuts, parsley, kale, capers, soy, turmeric, and dark chocolate. These foods are “sirtuin activators,” which can turn on the fat-burning gene and regulate the appetite.  It also allows Adele to take green tea, cocoa powder, red wine, and cheese.

Images used courtesy of Adele/YouTube Screenshot

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