Adele shows off glowing look and incredible weight loss on SNL

adele weight loss

Adele showed off her incredible weight loss transformation on Saturday Night Live.

For years, Adele has kept a low profile and shared only a few occasional pictures on Instagram during her weight loss journey.

Last night was one of her first time in a long time appearances as she returned to host the comedy show while unveiling the results of her lifestyle and fitness overhaul.

Emerging from her heartbreaking divorce in 2019, the 32-year-old is said to have lost seven stones.

The Rolling In The Deep singer described the entire journey as a “crazy positive experience.”

Adele on Saturday Night Live

It was such a surprise for the British babe to sing because, in her opening monologue, she said she wouldn’t sing on the show.

“I’d rather put on some wigs, have a glass of wine or six, and just see what happens,” she said.

Adele sang several times during a spoof of The Bachelor. It followed the singer introducing herself as her superstar self.

She interrupted every bachelor by singing some of her hits, including Hello, Set Fire to the Rain, Someone Like You, and many more.

Adele addresses weight loss

Aside from that, SNL fans had nothing but praise for the talented singer and her several outfit changes to highlight her trim physique.

Adele addressed her weight loss transformation alongside some witty jokes.

She admitted that she looked different from her last appearance on Saturday Night Live 12 years prior.

She spoke in front of a live audience, revealing that she traveled light because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Grammy-winning singer teased, “Actually, because of all the COVID restrictions and travel bans, I had to travel light, and I could only bring half of me.”

“So this is the half that I chose,” Adele concluded.

How did she do it?

Adele had an extremely long journey to reach her weight loss figure now.

The first thing she had to ditch was her 10 cups of sugary tea for the sake of her voice.

She had to say goodbye to her favorites – cigarette, alcoholic beverages, and all foods that were “spicy, tangy and citrusy.”

She admitted in 2011 on Australia’s 60 Minutes that she had a vocal hemorrhage.

“I’m frightened all the time. I’m going to damage my voice.”

In 2016, she shed more weight ahead of her tour so she could have more stamina.

By 2017, Adele lost more than two stones because of the Sirtfood Diet.

According to reports, the program allows dieters to eat plant-based foods and foods known as sirtuin activators.

These are said to control the way the body process fat and sugar while regulating appetite.

Adele also made some changes to her physical lifestyle, hiring LA pilates instructor Camila Goodis.

Despite losing a ton of weight, the singer-songwriter is still not a “huge fan of working out,” according to her instructor.

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