Adele’s new album pushed back to December, but not because of COVID-19

Adele new album pushed back to December?

The English songstress initially set the album release for September. Instead, she is pushing for a winter release.

Reports say that Adele, the Someone Like You singer wants to move the release date of the new album. Instead, it will drop in December to give time for the shipment of CDs and vinyls for her older fans

Adele has not released a studio album since November 2015, when 25 arrived with first week sales of 3.38 million. 25 received critical and commercial acclaim, eventually receiving Album of the Year in the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Expectations for Adele’s new album are high, especially after the gigantic success of 19, 21 and 25. Her three studio albums alone sold around 60 million copies worldwide, an impressive number during the age of music singles.

What the public knows about Adele’s new album

Adele’s status as one of the world’s highest-selling musicians qualifies her new album as a highly-anticipated project. Earlier this year, Adele herself teased a September release for her new record. She announced the release month during a wedding party, a video of which became viral.

In the video, it looked like Adele is having a nice time on stage. At one point, she then shouted at the audience to expect her new album in September, as reported online. 

According to fans, she was officiating a friend’s wedding when that video was taken. She performed a set during the wedding reception, including her hit Rolling in the Deep. She also sang to Beyonce’s Crazy In Love and Spice Girls’ Spice Up Your Life.

Her announcement lined up with a recent statement her manager issued about the upcoming record. It appears that the album will make its way to stores and platforms before the end of the year.

Adele’s rumored collaborations

News of her upcoming album sparked various speculations. For one, the possibility of Adele doing collaborative works with other famed artists.

There have long been rumors that Beyoncé is going to appear in the new record. The two music icons are mutual admirers of each other, attending celebrity parties and events together.

Taylor Swift is also one of the artists that reportedly wants to collaborate with Adele. The All Too Well singer deeply admires the musical work of the London-based star.

If the two stars indeed join forces, their dedicated fanbases will surely go wild. Over the years, both have become known for their confessional and heartfelt songwriting.

Coincidentally, the two artists are music awards magnets because their peers have a deep respect for their work. They are the first two female artists to win the Grammy for Album of the Year twice in their careers.

Images courtesy of Adele/YouTube Screenshot

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