‘Adventure Time Heroes’ RPG available for pre-registration on iOS and Andriod

Adventure Time Heroes, based on Cartoon Network’s beloved series, Adventure Time is getting an RPG game. Moreover, the game is now available for pre-registration on iOS and Android.

Cartoon Network is working with a mobile game company, goGame to develop an RPG version of one of its popular series, Adventure Time. Unfortunately, Adventure Time Heroes pre-registration is only available in the Southeast Asian countries.

Fans of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines can now go to either Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to start the pre-registration.

For 10 years, the adventures of Jake and Finn have captured the hearts of many fans. Jake and Finn have taken their avid viewers to an epic journey around the magical world of Ooo. Furthermore, fans have enjoyed how Jake and Finn conquer their enemies. And with the arrival of the new Adventure Time game, millions of players will certainly flock to play the game.

What is Adventure Time Heroes game all about

The game which is a turn-based RPG is just one of the fairly long list of Adventure Time games. What sets it different from the previous games is its complicated gameplay and its sheer number of playable characters.

On top of that, the game has included a hilarious side story featuring the characters of the Little People from the series. Players will be able to choose their favorite characters from the series.

As the game progresses, players are allowed to collect characters and turn them into an army. Similar to other mobile RPG games, Adventure Time Heroes allows players to power-up their heroes or join a clan.

Gameplay details

In the game, the player will go against The Lich, the embodiment of all evil. The Lich has the power to destroy all forms of life. And with the help of his loyal minions, his sole purpose of destroying life is not far at all.

Fortunately, the player can destroy The Lich and save the world from absolute destruction. As the main hero, the player has to assemble an army with diverse skills and abilities.

The game features over 80 story mode adventures, nine dungeons, a PVP Arena, and Clan battles. At the same time, Cartoon Network and goGame will also add PVE and PVP turn-based battles.

Adventure Time Heroes release date

The game is expected to arrive in July, but there is no confirmation on the exact date. It will be available on iOS 10 and above versions, and Android 4.4 and above.

Image Courtesy of DanTDM/YouTube Screenshot

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