aespa members could have had debuted with other names

aespa has recently appeared on MBC Radio Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song. There, the band members talked about the stage names they considered for their debut.

On December 7 on MBC Radio Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song, aespa members talked about their stage names.

On the show, Kim Shin Young brought up the subject. He said that each aespa member has a unique stage name: I wonder, were there any other recommendations for your name?

The other names aespa members considered

On the topic, Winter first answered and said that she considered the names Millie, Youngwon, Moah.

But since her birthday is January 1, people told her that she has clean and white images, so she became Winter.

Furthermore, Ningning shared that she has a real Chinese name. But when she was young, she was called Ningning.

The company’s staff also called her by that name, so naturally, it became her debut name.

Giselle revealed that when she was a trainee, she always wore headbands. Her training Unnie told her that she looks like an English girl.

Elegance and class is the meaning of Giselle, she added. So it became my stage name.”

During the interview, Karina shared that she is Catholic, and her baptismal name is Katarina. She derived Karina from that name.

The idol laughed as she shared her other recommended names: Oohahh, Jasmine, and Z-on.

A fire lit from Ningning’s fancam

In another story, SBS’s Inkigayo apologized over a recent controversy regarding the fancam of aespa member Ningning.

On December 1, a fancam of member Ningning was uploaded. It showed the performance of the group’s debut track Black Mamba on SBS’s Inkigayo.

For a phrase uttered around 10 seconds, the video immediately sparked controversy. From the clip, a voice could be heard, commenting, It’s uncoordinated.”

The netizens were divided whether the voice was referring to the group’s performance or something else entirely. Moreover, with the curse word included in the comment, things got heated up.

Meanwhile, with all the commotion, SBS responded on December 7 that there was an unrelated conversation recorded and included in the final fancam.

The detail before posting was not captured by the staff that manages YouTube video uploads.

SBS added that they would surely take more care with their future uploads.

“We apologize to those that may have taken offense by this matter.”


Image courtesy of aespa/YouTube Screenshot

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