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aespa participated its first radio show


aespa talked about its debut on its first radio show on Kim Young Chul’s PowerFM on December 2.

During the radio broadcast, aespa members shared that it was their first time participating in a radio show.

Winter and Karina said that they ran into Kim Young Chul before their debut. Also, Karina commented that she felt like they met a celebrity when she saw Kim Young Chul.

The famous staircase

Karina shared that their company has a great staircase where its senior artists’ music videos always appear.

One day, as they practice, their music video appeared, and she thinks it was when they debuted.

aespa also revealed that even though they woke up early to appear for the radio show, they ended up late, especially Ningning. She explained that she could not hear her alarm well, even if it is on the loudest volume.

The unexpected charms of aespa

The members shared some of the unexpected charms on the broadcast. Karina said that her specialty is picking up some items like TV remote and bobby pins with her feet.

Ningning said that her favorite food is sungdaeguk or blood sausage soup. She eats it with red pepper powder, chives, chili peppers, kkakdugi, or cubed radish kimchi.

Winter and Karina are Korean members, Giselle is from Japan, and Ningning is from China. Giselle also shared that her mom is Korean, so she used to speak Korean since she was young.

Ningning said she came to Korea in 2016. Korean is hard, and when she sings her part, the phrase “the enchanting you” is hard to pronounce.

As per their futuristic “avatar” concept, Giselle described that avatars are like their twins in an imaginary world created entirely out of data. Ningning commented that she was shocked to see her avatar singing the same voice as her.

Image courtesy of SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

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