aespa’s Karina and BLACKPINK’s Jennie are July’s top Female Idols

aespa Karina once again took the top spot for this month’s brand rankings for female idols!

The Korean Brand Research Institute has dropped its brand reputation rankings of female K-pop idols on Sunday, July 18.

Are you curious to find out who the most beloved female idols of all time are? Keep reading!

aespa Karina is on top of the list!

Karina, an aespa member, is the reigning queen and the most popular rookie idol for July. She has a brand reputation index number of 3,648,118. Karina also has a participation score of 1,524,656 and a media index of 681,917. She also has a community index of 696,421, as well as a communication index of 745,124.

It fell by 0.56% compared to her brand reputation index, which was 3,668,577 in June.

BLACKPINK Jennie is July’s top 2

BLACKPINK member Jennie was ranked second this month with a brand recognition index of 3,613,982. Jennie has a participation score of 218,529 and a media score of 296,319. She also has a community index of 1,280,268, as well as a communication index of 1,818,866.

It fell by 0.19% compared to her brand reputation index, which was 3,621,009 for June.

Brave Girls Yujeong was the third most popular female idol for July 2021

With a brand reputation index numbering 3,354,420, Yujeong from Brave Girls was ranked third this month. Yujeong also has a participation Index of 968,054, a media index of 393,765, a community index of 803,972, and a communication index of 1,188,629.

It increased by 44.13% compared to her June brand reputation index of 2,327.436.

Here are the TOP 30 Most Popular Female Idols for July 2021

1. aespa Karina


3. Brave Girls Yujeong

4. Red Velvet Joy

5. Brave Girls Yuna

6. aespa Ningning

7. MAMAMOO Hwasa

8. aespa Winter

9. Brave Girls Minyoung


11. Oh My Girl Arin

12. aespa Giselle


14. LOONA Chuu

15. (G)I-DLE Soyeon

16. TWICE Jeongyeon

17. TWICE Jihyo

18. MAMAMOO Solar

19. Laboum Solbin

20. (G)I-DLE Soojin


22. Oh My Girl YooA

23. Brave Girls Eunji

24. Red Velvet Yeri

25. TWICE Mina

26. MAMAMOO Wheein

27. Oh My Girl Hyojung

28. TWICE Chaeyoung

29. Apink Son Naeun

30. Red Velvet Seulgi

Brand Reputation Rankings? What is it?

An index that is based on big brand data, the brand reputation ranking, is created. This index studies the online habits and influences of consumers to determine how they consume brands.

The brand reputation ranking measures the influence of a female Kpop idol and the media interest in the idol and the consumer’s communication volume.

The Korean Brand Research Institute analyzed 115,735,082 big data pieces concerning 540 female idols from June 18 to July 18. This was done to determine the participation index, media and communication indexes for female idols.

This number is 3.03% higher than the 119,349.817 big data pieces in June 2021.


Image courtesy of M2/YouTube

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