After TWICE’s Tzuyu receives death threats on Vlive, concerned fans ask JYPE for protection

Because of TWICE’s Tzuyu’s previous abuse and death threats, fans banded together to create the hashtag #ProtectTzuyu.

When TWICE member Tzuyu went live on VLive for the first time in a long time, fans were ecstatic. On August 26, she went live while on her way to a schedule.

She was talking with ONCEs about her meal, her freshly colored purple hair, and everything else (TWICE fans). No one gave the VLive any consideration until August 28, when a fan pointed out something hazardous.

TWICE’s variety program Time To TWICE, which aired its most recent episode on August 27, was the topic of conversation among fans. They couldn’t believe how much affection the other members were pouring on Tzuyu. The happy atmosphere was short-lived, however, as a fan informed everyone that Tzuyu had received a death threat on her VLive.

A troll’s bad remark for Tzuyu

A troll posted a remark on Tzuyu’s August 26 VLive, writing harsh and provocative comments and ending the message with a death threat. Fans were concerned when they first spotted it on August 28 and hurried to share it on social media.

They tagged every JYPE account on social media and pleaded with them to take action. They’ve also made email templates, which they’re sending to every JYPE email address they can locate. JYPE’s fans are concerned since this isn’t the first time the group has been careless.

Previously, a German stalker stated that he would travel to Seoul to force Nayeon to love him, while Dahyun was spotted with bruises. Jihyo and Mina had previously been accosted at an airport.

On August 22, only a week before Tzuyu’s VLive, supporters requested that she be treated better. Despite her impact, aesthetics, and skill, they pointed out that Tzuyu had the fewest solo endeavors. Since the release of TWICE, fans have noted that she has not had a single solo magazine photoshoot.

Fans calling JYPE

And, since Tzuyu is the newest member, people are concerned for her safety in light of the death threat she has received. While the remark may have been made by a troll with no intention of carrying it out, ONCEs do not want to take any risks and are requesting that JYPE safeguard her.

“Someone threatened to k!ll Tzuyu in a Vlive, do something about this issue and please protect your artist @jypnation,” fans trended on Twitter.


Image courtesy of Malfe DMs/YouTube

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