Ahn Bo Hyun talked about his role in ‘Kairos’

Ahn Bo Hyun from the hit drama series Itaewon Class talked about his role in the upcoming drama of MBC, Kairos.

Ahn Bo Hyun joins the time-crossing fantasy thriller drama Kairos. The new series is about the interconnected fate of two people.

As Shin Sung Rok, Kim Seo Jin is a man who falls into despair after his daughter was kidnapped. On the other hand, Han Ae Ri is the woman who is searching for her mother.

From the perspective of Kim Seo Jin, Han Ae Ri lives one month past from his time. The two set out a quest to save their missing loved ones after they miraculously communicate from a different time.

Ahn Bo Hyun as the right hand

Ahn Bo Hyun will star as Seo Do Kyun. He will be the right hand of Kim Seo Jin in the construction company he is working in.

Seo Do Kyun sees Kim Seo Jin as an inspiration, admiring his boss’s work approach.

He became the first person to discover the crack in one of Kim Seo Jin’s project. Seo Do Hyun ended up becoming the character who leads the drama in an unexpected direction.

He teased the viewers by saying that Seo Do Kyun is the character who is hiding his true self from everyone.

Character shift

He explained that to portray Seo Do Kyun effectively, he is careful about the character shift. His character acts differently to other people. Ahn Bo Hyun focuses on bringing out the details of his behavior and emotions.

The South Korean actor also shared why he chose Kairos for his next project. The main reason is that he had fun reading the script and working together with Director Park Seung Woo.

The actor thinks that he will be able to display a different kind of charm. To date, the actor is practicing the various charms of his character in preparation for the drama series.

Image courtesy of KOCOWA TV/YouTube Screenshot

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