Airbnb ensures users cleaner and more sanitized homes for booking

Airbnb ensures users cleaner and more sanitized homes for booking

Airbnb has announced a new protocol that hosts may adapt to ensure cleaner and more sanitized homes for users.

The protocol recommends a 24-hour buffer or a 72-hour buffer for new bookings. Earlier this month, Airbnb announced that it will have a new feature in its app and website promoting Virtual Experiences.

The company hasn’t reported the turnout of booking for these experiences. The proposed idea was unique and fun, but it took away the actual experience of doing new things. Airbnb seems about ready to move on from a lock down phase when it made a new announcement two days ago.

New cleaning protocols and 24-hour buffer period

According to the company announcement, the new protocols announced were formulated in partnership with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The home-sharing app calls the Coronavirus response as the new ‘Cleaning Protocol’. This guideline recommends that hosts provide a buffer of 24 hours between booking before entering the room to clean.

CDC recommends that the 24-hour period will be used to air out possible remaining traces of droplets in the atmosphere. Also, the period may be used to fully sanitize the homes with proper cleaning methods.

Should hosts not be able to participate in the 24-hour buffer period, they may opt to enlist for the 72-hour booking suspension. Hosts will be given more time to clean the homes, but will still have to follow the 24-hour buffer before entering the rooms.

Full transparency for Airbnb users and their future travels

Airbnb travelers will fully see which hosts have opted in the 24-hour or the 72-hour buffer. The option was given so that travelers will have full control of their travel plans. Moreover, travelers will also be able to ensure peace of mind because of the sanitary guarantee of the hosts.

Airbnb foresees that travelers will want to avoid crowded places and accommodations where they have less control over. According to the company, travelers will look to homes that will have its own laundry area and kitchen.

To even further ensure travelers’ peace of mind, Airbnb will make certified cleaning materials available for hosts.

Hosts should follow local guidelines

The proposed guidelines from the company are just recommendatory. Hosts will still have to follow their local government’s rules on accommodations. They emphasize in their announcement that

“This guidance does not substitute or override local rules and guidelines issued by health and governmental authorities, and we urge our community to adhere to official guidance and do everything they can to take necessary precautions.”

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