AirPods 3 and mini LED iPad expected in the first half of 2021

The next-gen AirPods 3 and Mini LED iPad are expected to arrive in the first half of 2021. A recent report has revealed the big news.

According to Apple Insider, analyst Ming-Chi Ko has reported that AirPods 3 will arrive around the first half of 2021. The design will be similar to the AirPods Pro series. Plus, a Mini LED iPad is also coming soon in that same period.

Initial claims said that the iPad Pro was going to be the first LED screen tablet from Apple. But now it seems like the Mini version will have it first. Still, there’s no official word on this, and it’s just an early possible leak. So, there’s nothing much to say regarding the same.

AirPods 3 will inherit the looks of the Pro line-up

As mentioned above, the report on the third generation of AirPods was given by analyst Ming-Chi Ko. He said that the design of the next series would be similar to the Pro models.

“We predict that the most significant change of AirPods 3 is that the design is similar to AirPods Pro. We expect that Jialianyi will obtain AirPods 3 headset soft board and charging box soft board orders. This order is expected to contribute to revenue and profit from 2Q20 significantly.”

On the part of the Mini LED iPad, he said it would be produced in large numbers.

“We expect that the mini LED iPad will be mass-produced in the middle of 1H21, and Jialianyi will regain orders for iPad acoustic and optical components soft board.”

Upcoming possible reveals of 2021 from Apple

Meanwhile, Apple is busy with its next year’s plans since it never settles down after any new launch event. All the big virtual sessions of the California tech giant are over for 2020.

This year, there were four important events, and all of them provided great surprises to iOS device users. The iOS 14 was a refreshing change, the iPhone 12 reveal, and Silicon chips on all Macs turned out as an icing on the cake.

Currently, fans and tech enthusiasts expect big announcements in 2021 because Apple didn’t tell anything about the AirTags or AirPods Studio in its recent One More Thing event.

So, it clearly means that the remaining big reveals will arrive either in March or in June. Among the possible suspects, AirPods Studio, apart from AirPods 3, has created quite a buzz in the last few months. Music lovers and artists will surely love them a lot due to some great leaks witnessed so far across many online portals.

Image courtesy of Burdun Iliya/Shutterstock

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