AirPods Studio launch imminent as Apple Store pulls out rivals

AirPods Studio launch imminent as Apple Store pulls out rivals

Apple has reportedly pulled out rival audio gears from physical Apple Stores, which could mean that the AirPods Studio is coming.

Apple is gearing for its biggest event for the year. Taking the main stage will be the four new iPhone 12 models. All of these handsets will be 5G capable. On the stageside will be Apple’s newest devices, such as the Apple AirTags and the AirPods Studio.

Not much information about the AirTags has been released. However, details about the AirPods Studio have been leaked heavily. It is one of the most anticipated products from Apple, aside from the iPhone 12.

Following the success of the AirPods Pro, the AirPods Studio have big shoes to fill in.

Apple Stores are making way for the AirPods Studio

Bloomberg reports that over-ear headphone products from other brands have been pulled out from Apple Stores. It applies to both brick and mortar stores and online stores. Previously, Apple offered audio gears from Bose, Sonos, and Logitech. The company brandished them beside their own Beats branded headphones.

However, it seems like Apple is continuing its warpath against possible competitors. This strategy seems to point to the direction of the imminent launch of the AirPods Pro. As such, Apple must have wanted to clear the path for its new devices. Perhaps the pull-out maybe temporary just for the launch.

Nevertheless, Apple’s maneuver sends a strong signal against its competitors that it wants more skin in the audio gear business.

Details about the new over-ear headphones

Because of the delayed launch, details about Apple’s new over-ear headphones have been aplenty. Firstly, the name isn’t even official yet. Nevertheless, the internet is collectively calling the new device as the AirPods Studio. This naming strategy could be a nod to Apple’s own Beats Studio.

The new audio device will also reportedly be a modular wearable. It means that users can accessorize it in plenty of ways. It will be sort of similar to the Apple Watch, where users can interchange the bands on the watch.

With this setup, users can also interchange the bands connecting the two over-ear cups. Users will also allegedly have the option of a sports cushion or a more formal leather cushion.

The AirPods Studio will have all the best features of the AirPods Pro. It means that the new over-ear headphones will get the latest chipset used on the AirPods Pro. It will also have a gyroscope, which will make Spatial Audio on the device possible. The AirPods Studio will also have active noise canceling.

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