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AirPods Studio loses key features due to design problems


The AirPods Studio will allegedly lose some of its key features because of challenges in its design and production phase.

Apple is expected to have another event this year. There, Apple is foreseen to announce the newest Apple Silicon-powered Mac computer. As of this time, it is not sure yet if the iMac or the MacBook will get the first upgrade. Nonetheless, the new computer will arrive sooner than later.

Originally, Apple was expected to announce new accessories alongside the Mac computer. However, if the iPhone 12 release is any indication, Apple will most likely want the spotlight to be on the new Apple Silicon-powered computer. As such, the company is putting the release of the expected AirPods Studio to next year.

Some expected AirPods Studio features will be shelved

Bloomberg reports that Apple hit some snag along the way of production of the AirPods Studio. As a result, it is delaying its release to 2021. On the same note, Apple will reportedly announce the Studio version alongside the AirPods 3 and the AirPods Pro 2. In other words, next year’s announcement will see the entire AirPods line up fully refreshed.

The challenges faced during AirPods Studio’s production are significant. Firstly, its supposedly trademark feature, the interchangeable headbands, will be axed. A person close to the source tells Bloomberg,

“Apple has also scaled back some of the interchangeable functionality of the headphones that were a hallmark of the initial concept. The latest version of the product is likely to lack a replaceable headband, but could still include interchangeable ear pads.”

Secondly, Apple reportedly wanted to put a larger touchpad on the exterior of the earcups. However, it also encountered the same production problems.

While the plans for the interchangeable bands have been scrapped. The earcups will still reportedly be customizable via magnetic connections so that users can shift from sports to a more formal pad instantly.

Full audio device launch in 2021

Apple is almost sure to put off the launch of AirPods Studio this year. As such, it is expected to be launched next year alongside several other AirPods products.

The AirPods 3 is set to debut next year with a look similar to the AirPods Pro. In other words, the stem will be shorter and the ear tips will soon be replaceable. However, the lower end wireless earphones will still not have active noise canceling.

The AirPods Pro 2, on the other hand, is expected to have a new look. Apple is reportedly doing its best to completely cut away the stem from the earbuds to achieve a more elegant finish.

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