AirPods Studio, release could be delayed indefinitely

AirPods Studio, release could be delayed indefinitely

The release of the Apple AirPods Studio could be delayed indefinitely as its production allegedly hit some snags along the way.

This week, Apple limited the release of its new products to the HomePod Mini and the iPhone 12. The event felt a bit too stretched as the presenters gave plenty of airtime in explaining 5G. As such, there was no more time left for other products. The 1-hour and 10-minute long event just ended without a teaser of what’s to come.

Be that as it may, the internet world, especially those following Apple, knows what products are about to come anyway. It is just a matter of time as to when they will be released.

AirPods Studio release could be pushed back to a later time

Jon Prosser shares that the production of the AirPod Studio is facing a ‘major hiccup.’ He said that several features are already cut as the developers scramble for a photo finish. Prosser didn’t clarify which of the rumored features took the ax.

Nevertheless, this bit of leak is still huge considering that the AirPods Studio will be the ultra-premium audio product of Apple. If it cuts corners, customers may be put off by the lack of the promised features.

Prosser adds that the AirPods Studio may not be released until December of 2020. However, he didn’t clarify whether Apple will announce its details in the alleged November event. This setback isn’t new for the company. The same had happened with the AirPods when they announced it early but didn’t ship until a month after.

The leaker here has been hit or miss in his suggestions. As such, he could be right, or he could also be wrong with this bit of information. Only Apple itself can confirm it when it releases the new audio product.

AirTags are ready to hit the shelves

In the same leak, Prosser shares that Apple’s newest stand-alone tracking device is ready to be released. It will just be a matter of when they will be announced. In all likelihood, if the November pushes through, the Apple AirTags could debut with the Apple AirPods Studio.

Other Apple products expected to debut before the year ends is the first-ever MacBook with Apple Silicon. Rumors are the information on this device are a bit scarce. Nonetheless, Apple CEO Tim Cook himself said that the first Mac product would be launched before 2020 ends.

Don’t expect an all-new device. What will probably be announced is just a refreshed MacBook Pro 2020 that features an Apple Silicon. It remains to be seen how these laptops will perform once they hit the customers’ hands, but the expectations are already sky-high.

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