AirPods Studio will get U1 chip for better spatial awareness

AirPods Studio will get U1 chip for better spatial awareness

The AirPods Studio will allegedly get Apple’s U1 chip, which is the same chipset used in the AirPods Pro for its spatial audio feature.

Apple is set for another big event sometime in October. In fact, in a matter of days, the company is expected to announce, yet again, another Apple event. There, Apple is expected to release the latest iPhones that will all be 5G capable.

It is also expected to release several other products. It might include Apple AirTags, which are Apple’s item trackers. The announcements may also include the newest HomePod, which hasn’t been upgraded for quite some time.

Most importantly, Apple is also expected to release the latest addition to the AirPods lineup, which is the AirPods Studio.

AirPods Studio to get a U1 chip

The official name for the latest AirPods product hasn’t been officialized yet. However, the internet has unofficially named it as the AirPods Studio. It is somewhat a nod to Apple’s very own Beats Studio, which are over headphones that had massive global success.

Naming aside, there is a big excitement surrounding Apple’s over-ear headphones. Not only is it expected to have Apple’s signature sleek design, but it is also anticipated to be super functional.

The AirPods Studio is expected to sport Apple’s U1 chip. This chipset is the part responsible for the AirPods Pro’s Spatial Audio feature. This functionality can determine the position of the head of the listener. In other words, the sounds blasted through the earpieces adjust to the direction where the head of the user is positioned.

Applying the same technology to the AirPods Studio brings its features even further. U1 chips can also determine how the over-ear headphones are worn. As such, users do not have to fuss about which side is right or left. The chip will know how the headphones are worn and can adjust the drivers automatically.

Features of Apple’s new headphones

The AirPods Studio will be the first of its kind in Apple’s listening devices lineup. Based on earlier rumors, Apple will adopt the strategy used on the Apple Watch. The AirPods Studio will be marketed for two scenarios. One will be for sports use, and the other will be for formal use.

To achieve this, Apple will provide a modular approach for the AirPods Studio. It will give its users the option to change the padding on the cups. Apple will also sell different interchangeable colors and finishes for the bands.

The new headphones from Apple will also provide unparalleled noise-canceling features. The AirPods Pro was able to fix the lacking noise-canceling on the AirPods. However, the Studio version will even take it up a notch because of the physical build of the cups and the active noise-canceling system on it.

The new AirPods Studio is expected to ship this year at a price point of around US$350.

Image from Tu Trinh/Unsplash

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