AirPods Studio will one-up Beats’ headphones

The upcoming AirPods Studio, not its official name, is expected to come with everything that a Beats headphones have and even more.

Apple is expected to do a comprehensive refresh of its device lineup. In its September event, it will release not just the newest iPhone. It will also launch a new Apple Watch, iPad, HomePod, and, possibly, a new laptop. In addition, Apple is also expected to delve into the market of over-ear headphones.

It will be the first of its kind. However, it will not be the company’s first rodeo in the headphones market because of its Beats acquisition.

AirPods Studio will be better than the Beats’ headphones

The AirPods Studio name still isn’t the official title to Apple’s latest listening device. However, rumors circulating the web have stuck to this name. While it is true that Apple owns Beats, it will look to upgrade the offering that it already has.

The details surrounding the headphones still aren’t clear. Nevertheless, earlier rumors about it point to the idea that it will both have a premium and sporty finish. The former will have a leather over-ear cushion, while the latter will have a perforated fabric perfect for sweating.

In addition, the overall build of the AirPods Studio will have a modular design. In other words, the cushions and the bands will be completely interchangeable. So after a long workout in the gym, the user can switch to the leather cushions.

For added customizations, Apple will reportedly offer bands that can be replaced. The overall look of the AirPods Studio will be retro. Instead of having bands that go all the way to the center of the pads, it will be connected to the edges.

Overall sound quality

The AirPods Pro provides one of the market’s best-sounding wireless earphones. As such, the AirPods Studio is expected to follow. In addition, the new over-ear headphones are expected to feature an H1 chip or even a newer one.

If it does, the headphones are presumed to feature the latest Spatial Audio feature that the AirPods Pro has. In other words, it can provide an even better listening experience for music and even movies. It will also have a more natural coverage on the ears for better noise-canceling.

Nevertheless, it will have a Transparency mode so that the user can still hear through the headphones even if they have it on. The AirPods Studio is expected to have a higher price tag than the AirPods Pro.

Image courtesy of Panthere Noire/Shutterstock

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