Akai releases free beat making software for music aspirants

Akai releases free beat making software for beginners

Whether you’re an aspiring musician or an enthusiast, maybe it’s time to try out this free software from Akai.

With the music industry booming once again since the pandemic through streaming, people may want to learn a new skill, such as making beats. This week Akai has released a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software called MPC Beats—and it’s free.

As companies push through digital shows, musicians are observing a shift to the new normal since the pandemic started. With live events not coming back anytime soon, most independent artists have resorted to creating more music and doing live streams.

Of course for a free software, there are limitations but it is enough to create your first song. MPC Beats offers a maximum of eight MIDI/instrument tracks and two audio tracks.

The software is also compatible with any MIDI controller aside from Akai with famous brands like M-Audio, Korg, Alesis, and more.

Wide variety of plugins to choose from

Akai has also been generous to its users as they have also bundled over 2GB worth of sound samples, instruments, and more to experiment with their preferred music tastes.

MPC Beats also comes with three plugins that musicians can use at their disposal from bass lines to synths.

In addition, this software can also support third-party virtual instruments (VSTs) aside from its built-in plugins. For seasoned music producers, they could use this software as a plugin for their other DAWs such as FL Studio and Logic Pro X.

If the free samples weren’t enough, MPC Beats also gives the option for musicians to upgrade their library through availing expansion packs.

The sample collections come from the music industry’s premier sound designers from Araab Muzik & Motif Almuni to MSX Audio and F9 instruments.

Akai releases free beat making software for beginners

Akai provides musicians with learning materials

Aside from the free software that Akai is providing, they have also prepared a video series where you can learn more about beat making.

The videos teach beginners how to set up the DAW, learning the user interface, and making your first beat. In addition, they also teach you how to make your own drum kit as well as creating a house or hip-hop track.

For those who want to push their learning further, Akai also provided a masterclass series that introduces more advanced concepts such as adding chords and instruments.

The masterclass also added in videos for creating lo-fi beats as well as sharing them with collaborators or publishing your beats for the whole world to hear.

Image 1 courtesy of Akai/, and Image 2 courtesy of AkaiProVideo/YouTube Screenshot

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