AKMU: Lee Chanhyuk unfollowed Suhyun on Instagram

AKMU shared why Lee Chanhyuk unfollowed Suhyun on Instagram and talked about the goals for its new single.

Why did Lee Chanhyuk unfollowed Lee Suhyun?

After the discussion for its album, the duo explained the story of why Lee Chanhyuk unfollowed Lee Suhyun on Instagram. It became the subject of the news and different articles.

Lee Chanhyuk stated that he did it without any thought because he wanted to follow people who match his social media vibe.

He also found out through a news article and left him wondering what is going on, but it was about unfollowing as he reads.

They did not fight at all, and they are as peaceful as ever. Lee Suhyun commented that she felt nothing after hearing that Lee Chanhyuk unfollowed her.

Some people would still see them following each other and comments asking if siblings have to follow one another.

She continued that it was a minor happening and could not even call it a happening. AKMU is still standing strong and ready to produce more music for their fans.

A taste of the music AKMU

On November 16, AKMU, the brother-sister duo, released their first single HAPPENING after one year and two months.

During the press conference, Lee Chanhyuk shared that they wanted to release many songs, but they were still preparing them.

AKMU released HAPPENING because they thought it would be a great song to hand out as a teaser before the other tracks.

How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You’re the One I Love is the title track of their latest album SAILING. AKMU released the song a year ago, but it is continually doing well on the charts.

Regarding the album’s performance, Lee Chanhyuk stated that it would have been an album that they were satisfied with even if the results were not that great.

They are so thankful that it received so much love, and it is still on the charts for over a year now.


Image courtesy of AKMU/YouTube Screenshot

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