AKMU update: new version is up on works

AKMU shares thoughts and goals as an artist in Dazed Korea and talks about its new single HAPPENING.

The sibling duo, AKMU, recently made its comeback with the single HAPPENING and appeared in Dazed magazine’s December issue.

Meeting other people’s expectations

In the interview after the photoshoot, Lee Chanhyuk shared that HAPPENING reflects everything they wanted to do as an artist. Other than creating the music, he took part in the styling as well.

He wanted to meet the people’s expectations and included their opinion as artists and how they have changed.

The new version of AKMU

Lee Suhyun said that they are planning to show a new version of AKMU in the future. Since they have to express it well, they did not want to detach their sides that they have already shown since their debut.

She also shared that according to the image of AKMU, the people considered them as one instead of individuals. They have now established their tendencies and values and thing that have changed.

The emotion of love

Talking on the topic about the direction as a musician, Lee Chanhyuk said he wants songs about love, including romantic love.

On their new single, Lee Suhyun thinks that it is a song that expresses what people expect. Lee Chunhyuk added that they wanted people to feel their music and how they tried to break away from what could have been predicted.

As much as they want to make cool music, they want to be a calm person, making people look forward to what they will do next.

On the “Show Champion”

Moreover, AKMU bagged first place in the week on Show Champion.

The nominees for the November 25 episode are AKMU’s HAPPENING, BTOB 4U’s Show Your Love, GFRIEND’s MAGO, Lee Seung Gi’s The Ordinary Man, and Jannabi’s A Though on an Autumn Night.


Image courtesy of AKMU/YouTube Screenshot

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