AKMU’s Lee Suhyun pairs up with Marie Claire Korea

AKMU’s Lee Suhyun, who recently debuted her solo album, graces the fashion magazine Marie Claire Korea.

Lee Suhyun talks about changes in her career. In the past, her goal is to convey the message she wants to share. She also puts more focus and holds on to her goals.

Change for the better

The newly released track added a performance aspect that the viewers have not seen from her in AKMU.

People who like AKMU will indeed feel different and unfamiliar with the unique concept of her solo track. She does worry about the aspect but not to the point that it will affect her promotions.

Sneak peek of her capabilities

Everythings changed, and this time, on top of the message, she prepared a performance. While preparing for Alien, the phrase that she said most was it was fun.

Until now, nobody has seen her dancing for longer than a minute. She only gave short performances but the dances for the entire song this time had improved. Stuff like this is a great challenge for her.

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The true challenge for Lee Suhyun

It felt like a new quest in a game has opened for her. She was singing while dancing; it is hard, especially when the show goes live and stars cannot make a single mistake in their performance.

Lee Suhyun also shared the happiest memory while working on her music. She stated that there were too many memories to share, but the best was when someone would compliment her singing when she was still young.

It made her happy, and she sings all day at her home. Up to this day, receiving applause after she sings makes her happy too.

Stay tuned here on Micky News for more updates on Lee Suhyun and her upcoming solo track in the near future.

Image courtesy of AKMU/YouTube Screenshot

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