‘Akudama Drive’ Episode 7: Brother to reveal real purpose, much-kept secret

'Akudama Drive' Episode 7

A lot is about to happen in Akudama Drive Episode 7. Titled “The City of Lost Children,” the kids and the Akudama group will finally reach their destination while Brother and Sisters have unlocked the underground facility.

The official synopsis of Akudama Drive Episode 7 is now out, and it teases several intense turns of events. Here, they will see Hoodlum, the Akudama member, and many more as a big secret is about to be revealed.

Episode 7 spoilers

Hoodlum is now back after getting badly wounded after his fight against Executioner Pupil in the previous episode, per International Business Times.

According to the anime’s official website, which IBT translated in English, he will join the rest of the Akudama gang at their newly-discovered location, despite his poor condition.

Anyhow, other Akudama members will remain unaware of the “anger, sadness, and distrust” Akudama has been feeling. Will he finally reveal his emotions in the next episode?

Elsewhere, Brother and Sister will find the pre-war ruins after successfully unlocking the facility’s basement.

Later, Brother will tell the Akudamas about his real purpose and his much-kept secrets.

'Akudama Drive' Episode 7

Episode 6 recap

In the previous episode, after the Master Executioner found the Akudama, he started fighting with Brawler to take the kids in custody.

He claimed he had no choice but to execute them all and went after Courier, which ignited a huge battle. The doctor tried her best to stop the two, but she was cut in her stomach and suddenly collapsed.

Left with nothing to do, Switched only watched in horror as she was protecting Brother and Sister.

The rest of the Akudama members didn’t attempt to run away. However, Cutthroat used the boy as his shield to attack the Master Executioner.

Sadly, he ended up stabbing Brother, too, so Swindler couldn’t help herself but scream at him.

Surprisingly, the boy emerged to be a cyborg, per The Cinemaholic, and he managed to regenerate and revive himself. It was later revealed that Brother and Sister were both modified humans with secret powers.

From Akudama Drive Episode 7 onward, fans are about to know more about these two siblings.

Brawler faced Master, and the former managed to impose considerable damage. Episode 6 successfully justified the relationship between Master Executioner and Pupil.

At the end of the episode, Brawler and Master Executioner died, while Pupil and Hoodlum mourned their deaths.

Akudama Drive Episode 7, “The City of Lost Children,” is set to be out on Thursday, Nov. 19.

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