Alex Rodriguez close to having a meltdown over Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez’s relationship: Rumor

Alex Rodriguez close to having a meltdown over Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez's relationship: Rumor

All hell is about to break loose for Alex Rodriguez. Or at least that’s what one tabloid claims.

According to National Enquirer, Alex Rodriguez still hopes that he and Jennifer Lopez could get back together one day. Unfortunately, the World of Dance judge doesn’t think that it’s possible for them to be a couple.

“The main reason Jennifer and Ben are sneaking around and not blasting their reunion from the rooftops yet is that she’s wary about antagonizing Alex any further. The guy’s in a world of hurt right now. He’s flip-flopping between trying to kid himself he still has a chance to win Jen back and vowing to get even by spilling his guts or facing Ben head-on and punching his lights out,” the source said.

Alex Rodriguez struggling to move on from Jennifer Lopez

According to the insider, Rodriguez is taking things particularly hard because he’s never been in this kind of pain before.

“For all his bravado and skirt-chasing, A-Rod’s never been through this type of pain and rejection before – at least, not publicly. He’s reading every headline about Bennifer, tapping mutual friends for updates, and crying himself to sleep,” the source said.

Alex Rodriguez trying to woo other women

Alex Rodriguez trying to woo other women

Meanwhile, the source contradicted its claims that Alex Rodriguez still hasn’t gotten over Lopez when they said that the baseball star has been trying to woo other women.

“Alex has always been able to woo women with gifts and the right words but that’s having no effect on Jennifer. She’s not being overly mean. She’s merely not responding the way he’d hoped and expected. Her reunion with Ben has hit Alex like a tidal wave,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. While it is true that there are whispers regarding Lopez and Affleck’s relationship, it isn’t true that Rodriguez is still reeling from his previous relationship with Lopez.

On his social media account, he revealed that he is letting go of the things that are not serving him.

Alex Rodriguez also seems to be having a blast with his newly single status. He has been spending time with his children, and he has also been playing golf and working out.

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