Alex Rodriguez hangs out with Ben Affleck’s ex-girlfriend to spite Jennifer Lopez: Rumor

Alex Rodriguez hangs out with Ben Affleck's ex-girlfriend to spite Jennifer Lopez: Rumor

Alex Rodriguez is, allegedly, struggling to move on from Jennifer Lopez that’s why he’s doing everything that he can to get her attention.

According to Star, Alex Rodriguez decided to attend Lindsay Shookus’ recent birthday party to spite Lopez and her boyfriend, Ben Affleck.

Shookus and Affleck dated for a couple of months shortly after the Batman v Superman star divorced his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

Alex Rodriguez trying to get Jennifer Lopez’s attention

Now, a source for the tabloid is saying that what Rodriguez has been doing to get Lopez’s attention is just plain weird.

After all, before the baseball star was photographed with Affleck’s ex, he was also spotted hanging out with his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis.

The parents of Natasha and Ella had a bitter divorce. So, a lot of eyewitnesses were shocked to see them hanging out.

Alex Rodriguez using Cynthia Scurtis to get back at J.Lo

Alex Rodriguez using Cynthia Scurtis to get back at J.Lo

And some of them are claiming that Rodriguez is only hanging out with Scurtis because Lopez has also been spending time with Affleck.

Lopez and Affleck also have a long history between them. The A-listers almost got married in 2002.

According to the tabloid’s unnamed source, Rodriguez is obsessed with Lopez and Affleck’s relationship. That’s why he’s trying to indirectly compete with the happy couple.

Rumors debunked

As of late, Rodriguez has not publicly addressed his split from Lopez. So, no one knows for sure if he’s already moved on or not.

Rodriguez has also stayed mum when it comes to Lopez and Affleck’s relationship. So, it’s also unclear if he’s reeling because his ex has already moved on.

It is important to note that Rodriguez and Lopez split shortly after the former was accused of cheating.

This week, Rodriguez also made headlines after he joked about not being invited to Lopez’s celebration with Stevie Mackey. The dad of two is good friends with the latter.

“Where’s my invite Stevie?” he said.

Based on his comment, Alex Rodriguez seems to be doing OK after his split from Lopez. And this proves that the tabloid’s claims about his trying to get even with his ex are not true.

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