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Alexa enhanced features will leave you awestruck


Alexa hardware launched on 24th September, making it a big hit, featuring its enhanced Echo Speakers, displays, and other voice-driven devices for smart homes.

It is expanding its stretch, covering 140,000 smart homes and encouraging 100 million Alexa-compatible devices. The World is progressing in the field of innovative ideas with the help of Alexa-driven devices.

Before the event, Daniel Rausch, Amazon’s vice president of smart home and Alexa mobile, said that the smart hardware is becoming independent day by day. It will soon start working on Hunches without asking.

It will also listen to sounds and react as well, other than wake word. It will also safeguard your home with an upgrade to Alexa Guard.

This time, it will be more proactive and predictive. As announced by Amazon, it will have upgradations in the following domains.

Alexa Guard Plus

When Alexa was introduced, smart homes were in demand. Over the past couple of years, Amazon has rolled out many features in it. Alexa Guard is one of them.

With this feature, it will safeguard your home and will send a notification alert on your home if you are home-away.

The new update of this feature will include a monthly subscription of $4.99. In this subscription, the user will get added benefits on top of the standard offeringsa more robust sound detector, recordings of dogs on the entry of unwanted visitors, and an emergency control panel. The hands-free emergency panel, run by a third party, will include emergency numbers.

Upgrade Hunches

Hunches were used from the time when Alexa came into the market. An update in Hunches was announced. That means, if you are traveling, it will itself switch off the basement lights without even listening to your command.

It might sound problematic, but Rausch seemed confident while talking about these features. Update in Hunches will not facilitate automatic locking of the house door.

Sound Detector Routines

The repetitive wake words are boring. Isn’t it? The new update will have the facility eliminate those traditional words such as “Hey Alexa” or “Hey, Samuel.” In the latest update, the sounds of a crying baby, a snoring partner, our dog barking will help you wake it.

These sounds will trigger it. Imagine, switch on of beside lamp when newborn cries or switching off of the TV when you snore. These sounds will not be included in the cloud. But, this feature, however, enhances privacy issues.

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