Alia Shawkat issues a lengthy apology for using the ‘n-word’

Alia Shawkat issues a lengthy apology for using the ‘N-word’

Amid the intense nationwide protests of the Black Lives Matter movement, Alia Shawkat apologized for using the n-word in 2016.

Shai Jackson unearthed a clip of Brad Pitt’s alleged girlfriend’s interview on Twitter, calling out the Arrested Development star for her remark.

In a series of posts, Alia Shawkat shared a snap of her apology letter. Apart from saying her sorry, she was also taking full responsibility for her action.

A lengthy apology letter

The 31-year-old star admitted it was an unguarded moment for her, and she was ashamed and embarrassed by her action. However, she promised to continue to learn from her mistake from then on.

“I regret using a word that carries so much pain and history to black people,” she said. “It is never a word to be used by someone who is not black.”

The artist recently linked to Brad Pitt explained she is learning what the word truly means so that she could be an ally. “The voices of black people must be amplified and heard clearly,” she added.

Alia Shawkat admitted that although she is an Arabic woman, she could pass as White. So, she is trying her best to learn how she can use this difference. Now, she realizes the importance of being hyper-vigilant in her place and stand.

“I have been trying to understand the real definition of the word ally,” she continued.

Alia Shawkat’s lengthy statement came after Shai Jackson revealed a clip of her 2016 interview on Twitter. InTouch Weekly noted, she called out the Search Party alum for using the “n-word,” adding she is not Black.

“@ShawkatAlia I hope you’re still not using the n-word like you did here,” she tweeted. “You’re not black so watch yourself.”

Explaining Alia’s use of the word

According to Independent, at the time the interview was done, Alia Shawkat was promoting a film at the 2016 SXSW Festival. She was describing a celebration of her career achievement. 

“Everyone was so excited when we came back, and we were in the penthouse together,” she said. “And everyone was looking around like, ‘N***** we made it!’”

From the looks of it, she was referencing the Drake song, “We Made It.” As she acknowledged her mistake, the actress promised to support the Black community.

“Silence is violence, and so are the words we irresponsibly throw out,” Alia Shawkat explained. “I plan to stay engaged and learn from my friends who are helping me understand.”

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