Alia Shawkat spotted for the first time after N-word apology


Alia Shawkat went out for the first time after she apologized for using the N-word in a resurfaced 2016 video.

Alia Shawkat found herself in a center of controversy after an old video of her using a controversial word resurfaced. It happened years ago and she already apologized for the said incident.

Alia Shawkat went out after issuing an apology

On Tuesday, Alia Shawkat went to an art store in Los Angeles. Brad Pitt’s rumored girlfriend sported a pattern silk shirt, lace-lined shorts, straw hat, and white-framed glasses.

Also, Shawkat paired her get-up with teal colored sneakers with white socks. Moreover, she used a blue body-cross bag and a matching face mask.

According to Daily Mail, the sighting was Shawkat’s first outing after she apologized for her controversial video.

Shawkat’s resurfaced video explained

The world is still battling against racism and injustice following George Floyd’s death. In fact, more and more have supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

Meanwhile, one netizen who has been exposing racists on Twitter shared an old video of Shawkat using the  “N-word” during an interview on June 5. In the clip, Shawkat is telling a story and says, “We were all at the penthouse together and everyone was looking around like, ’N**** we made it!’”

The video has been viewed by about over 20,000 times and it caught Shawkat’s attention, too. The Arrested Development star immediately apologized for the incident.


Brad Pitt’s rumored girlfriend apologized

Alia Shawkat took to Instagram and issued a lengthy apology for the video. She did not deny it and took full responsibility for what happened.

“I am deeply sorry and I take full responsibility. It was a careless moment, one I’m ashamed and embarrassed by, but vow to continue to learn from,” she wrote.

“I regret using a word that carries so much pain and history to black people, as it is never a word to be used by someone who is not black.”

Alia Shawkat and Brad Pitt rumors

Meanwhile, Alia Shawkat has been romantically linked to Brad Pitt. The duo has been spotted out and about multiple times in the past months sparking rumors that they are dating.

Also, there were photos of the actress biking away from his gated community on her birthday. The snap sparked speculations that she spent her birthday with Pitt.

Furthermore, an outlet claimed that Jennifer Aniston saw Alia Shawkat sleeping over at Brad Pitt’s place. However, the report was not true for several reasons.

First, Pitt and Aniston are not back together, so the latter has no reason to go to Pitt’s place.

Second, Pitt and Shawkat’s common friends insist that the two are just friends and nothing more.

Image used courtesy of lev radin/Shutterstock

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