‘Alien Isolation’ still tops the chart for being one of the best horror survival game

Alien Isolation is still the best survival horror game on the market, and nothing else comes close.

Following Alien Isolation’s recent FPS boost across the Xbox Series X and S, plus the Resident Evil Village, there goes everyone’s appetite for horror survival games.

When it comes to this genre, then Alien Isolation is one of the best games out there for players. Players have ventured back to the Creative Assembly’s critically underplayed sci-fi cult classic.

How is the gameplay?

This is a first-person-based horror game that has crawled its way back onto the consoles and PC back in 2014, immediately after cementing itself as one of the greatest licensed games ever conceived into the platform of survival horror playthroughs.

Many people can throw their critique into the game as for the overlong campaign and frustrating stealth sequences. But not everything can be checked off all in a once.

Alien Isolation remains a classic horror game because of the action, the storytelling, and the setting through which players can work throughout the game.

Isolation has managed to encapsulate the horror of being stranded in a space with a seemingly unstoppable monster almost perfectly, so much so that the returning to it for only a few brief moments instilled in players a sense of terrors that most of them have felt in years.

One of the key success cards of Alien Isolation is that it sits within the name. Even though the Sevastopol space station is littered with fellow survivors and sentinent androids, players are almost on their own and always torn away from the others as they are left alone to explore the silence of the spaceship. A

One of the best things about Alien Isolation is that jumpscares in this game are part of the regular interval.

Players here are always defenseless

Almost every minute, players will be greeted with an impending doom that someone or something is watching over them from the corners of the poorly lighted spaceship.

Once the Xenomorph emerges, the players’ only objective is to survive from the tail order when something can be done. They are practically a defenseless space engineer. Much like Isaac Clarke in the original Dead Space series, players are not traditionally equipped to deal with all the acid-spitting aliens.

The only talent they have is to sit and fix machinery and hack into the computers.

It is more like a chase and runs story where every player is left on their own, and they have to choose a path to keep themselves safe from the Xenomorph which is emerging.

All of the equipment in this game is handled so well that our heroine makes the best of bad situations as she learns to navigate through the items and weapons she never had a reason to use before.


Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube

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