‘Alita: Battle Angel’ sequel teased by showrunner, Rosa Salazar on board

John Landau, the showrunner of Alita: Battle Angel has teased a potential sequel of the film through a cryptic and funny Instagram post.

Alita: Battle Angel, which was released in 2019, has received a mixed response from critics. Some reviewers complimented the film’s action scenes, visual effects, and further praised the performance of Rosa Salazar, who plays Alita. However, the screenplay of the movie has raised criticisms from various experts.

Nevertheless, the film still proved its success in the entertainment industry after grossing over $404 million worldwide. With this at hand, Alita: Battle Angel has cemented its status as a huge box-office success. 

Alita: Battle Angel film details

Alita: Battle Angel is based on Yukito Kishiro’s 1990s manga series Gunnm and its 1993 original video animation Battle Angel. It is set in 2563, 300 years after Earth was devastated by a catastrophic war known as “The Fall.” The film follows the story of the female cyborg with an intact human brain, Alita.

Scientist, Dr. Dyson Ido discovered her while scavenging for parts in the massive scrapyard of Iron City. Alita awakens with no memory of who she is, nor with any recognition of the world she found herself in. As Alita learned to navigate her new life and the treacherous streets of Iron City, Ido tries to shield her from her mysterious past. 

The odds of a sequel is very high

Since the show ended on a cliffhanger, fans have demanded a sequel for the film. A petition on Change.org has called on the makers of the film, Disney, to make a second film. The petition has reached over 150,000 signatures as of press time.

Considering this, the odds of a sequel is very high. Moreover, the star of the film, Rosa Salazar, has expressed her desire to reprise her role as Alita. Salazar shared,

“I would play Alita ‘til my last breath. I would, and thanks to the performance capture technology, I probably could.”

Adding to Salazar’ enthusiasm, the director of the film Robert Rodriguez stated,

“Oh yeah! I would love to come back and do that one. It was so fun.”

Showrunner teases sequel with a funny Instagram post

The good news doesn’t stop there either as John Landau, the series’ showrunner has teased a potential sequel in his Instagram post. The image featured Landau wearing a shirt featuring Alita’s poster, and a text that says “Wash your hands. I want a sequel.”

The showrunner further captioned the Instagram post with,

“Here’s to The Alita Army and all of the fans of Alita: Battle Angel. Hope you are staying healthy and safe.”

Landau has not yet disclosed any further details about the film’s potential sequel.

Image courtesy of Paradise of Movies/Youtube Screenshot

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